Tumblr quote 4 I made myself

  • That time has come, it’s time to let him go, forget about him, It’s going to be hard but in the end it’ll be worth it, You thought he was the right one for you but maybe you was wrong he’s turned out to be the wrong one for you. He made you smile and feel special everytime you was with him and then you started talking less, he stopped trying, You started crying. You tried all the time with him and you arranged to meet and go to places, he’d reply sometimes saying ‘No’. A few days later you just stop talking, he tells you he’s moved on, he’s speaking to other girls and ignoring you. You feel useless,upset,lonely. That the person that made you happy turned into the person that made you cry. When you’ve moved on he will realise what he’s lost, and will try and come back. Don’t let him he’s hurt you once and he ain’t afraid to hurt you again.

    Tumblr, Made it myself 

Tumblr quote 3 I made myself

He made her feel low and like she was not even a friend to him. She cared about him, he meant a lot to her, but he didn’t know and never would understand how she felt about him. She thought he was different to the other boys, she could go on about him to her friends and not shut up about him. She’d tell them how cute he was with her and how happy she was with him. All her friends were happy that she was happy but after a bit she got upset, ignored, made to feel worthless. He ignored her texts and calls he also ignored her face to face. She didn’t know what to do he meant everything to her, she didn’t want to let him go and loose him as things wouldn’t be or feel the same as they did before they got together. Things started to get confusing it was the same thing everyday being ignored and blanked out she didn’t realize but the boy she loved became the boy who got bored.

-Tumblr, Made it myself

Tumblr Quote 2 made it myself

You may be scared of leaving him behind, forgetting about what you had and what you can’t have now. You want to change things back to how they was before you both fell out, and argued. But you know that things wont be the same you try to move on, but you always stop trying and get jealous of him speaking to other girls. You can’t imagine him holding another girl the same, But he did and you still liked him. You got jealous and when you tried to tell him he didn’t care he was happy with the other girl. Maybe your friends were right he’s not worth it but your mind keeps telling you different. You’re tired of being ignored and treated like rubbish but it’s him that keeps making you turn back around the reason you still like him.

-Tumblr- Made it myselff